Turkey’s Energy Import and Effect to the Production Costs

Energy is known as one of the most important sources of need in production as much as raw materials. In addition to the energy resources, it makes our country is one of the foreign-dependent country for energy. Natural gas, petroleum, LPG and electricity are main energy sources that we import. Energy costs have also important amount in our country’s imports. This is reflected as an additional cost to the goods we production. Our country’s energy sources from water energy with hydroelectric power plants (HES), coal mines and oil resources and fuel energy in energy production.

For the manufacturer, energy costs are one of the most important items in determining the price of the product. Increasing energy prices cause the increase at price of the product. This is reflected in the country’s economy as inflation. Therefore, it is concluded that one of the most important items affecting the country’s economy is ‘Energy’.

Reducing energy costs in our country have an importance to keep the economy alive. So, how can we do this? First of all, it is important to use energy-saving devices in all areas of our life in factories, at home and at work. Unnecessary use must be avoided. The second is to take steps to produce our own electricity. Renewable energy production, especially developed in Europe, should be expanded in our country, and self-sufficient energy resources should be provided in every city and every town. Nature-friendly renewable energy sources are also important for our future and are supported by the European Union Financial Resources with a grant rate of 66%. In addition, the railway network such as public transport, metro, high-speed train railways should be developed in every province and in intercity transportation. Mine resources should be actively used. As the energy cost decreases, we can produce products with lower costs, and we can do better things both in the domestic market and in export.As Umay Group, we attach importance to energy savings in our factories and workplaces. As DOĞALDAN fruit juice company, energy-efficient modern production machines are used in our production facilities located in Ankara. This ensures us with optimum cost and competitive pricing. We are producing healthy, high quality fruit juices for the world with DOĞALDAN fruit juices with 10 different flavors at 1 liter and 250 ml glass bottles with metal caps, obtained by the squeezing method from 100% fruit with vitamin sources, without additives and preservatives. Our products consist of Pomegranate, Black Mulberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, White Grape, Black Grape, Cherry, Apple, Mixed Fruit Juices and Tamarind Sherbet. Our products contain antioxidants coming from fruits. Consuming DOĞALDAN fruit juices is very beneficial for our immune system and resolves body’s vitamin needs. It is important for our health as it increases our resistance against diseases and viruses. It is heart friendly and good for anemia. All of our products consist of the most preferred fruits. As DOĞALDAN fruit juices, we continue to produce, sell and export our products with the importance of saving energy and with full energy and speed.In addition, as Umay Group Tekstil, we attach importance to energy saving, in our ‘Primark approved’ sewing factory, which has been operating in Batman Organized İndustry Zone since 2014. This year, with 850 employees, we continue to sew clothes such as pajama sets, tracksuits, t-shirts, dresses, suits, nightgowns, and produce and export 5-layer FFP2 and 3-layer virus-protected daily masks, medical overalls and medical gowns in the medical sector. On the other hand, as May Socks, we attach importance to energy saving in our production factory located in Istanbul Bayrampaşa, and we make productions that not harmful for the nature. We have both fashionable and nostalgia models in our socks models, which have hundreds of varieties, and we continue to produce and export our high quality, affordable socks in the 2021 winter season. As a variety of socks, we have booties, short socks, long socks, thick pantyhose and tights models produced for men, women and children made of bamboo, cotton, modal and lambswool that can appeal to all ages and wishes. Our socks are exported to all European countries, especially England, Germany and Russia. If you wish, we also make contract manufacturing with your brand and the models that you want. As MAY ÇORAP, we continue to produce cost-effective socks with energy savings, to provide fast, high-quality and safe service, and to work for the better for you every day. As Umay Group Food, Textile and Medical, we will continue to produce DOĞALDAN fruit juices and MAY ÇORAP’s high-quality, nature-friendly and healthy products for our country and the world. ‘EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE TOGETHER’



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