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Umay Group that began its investment and commerce journey in textile sector in 2014, today it continues its activities in Food, Leather Industry, Medical and Textile sectors. Our group companies that get a rapidly growing and developing structure year after year by investing various sectors, meet the demands from the sectors with an innovating and professional business concept.
Guiding principle of our companies is “Be ahead from the previous day”, The skill of catching this principle in the same way with our customers accelerate it in the path of success.
Group companies accepted to move in accordence with social and ethical rules, compatible with environment and expectation of workers as the main concept of their activities and do all the activities with this conciousness. Group Companies, respect the basic rights and freedom of their workers and provide all legal rights of their workers.
Umay Group, describe itself by excellence philosophy with 8 years history and high experience in every field of various sectors from production to design, from packaging to transportation.
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Everything is possible together...


Umay Global made important export steps in the field of “Food, Textile and Socks”  in 2021 and increase its capacity day by day.


We are trying to do the best for your health with %100 real squeezed juices and we bring together this taste with many countries rapidly.


We produce socks that are suitable for every need and completely skin friendly with more than +500 assortment and we bring together these products with the whole world.


Our textile factory, which currently manufactures for global brands, offers you the opportunity to produce with your own brand according to  your needs and demands.


We produce and export our products, medical apron and overalls and FFP2 mask which provides protectiveness up to %99 to many foreign countries.


We ensure that the products you request are delivered to you as soon as possible and safely through the experienced logistics companies that we have been working with for many years.

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